This page lists software with available source code and documentation (HTML or PDF). All software is under the BSD 3-clause license unless otherwise specified.

Analyze FASTA alignments

Estimating sequence diversity from sequence alignments Read more

Variant hashing

Fast locus similarity (LD) estimates using hashing Read more

MCMC samplers

Markov chain Monte Carlo samplers Read more

Matrix operations

A collection of matrix operations Read more

Numerical Utilities

Collection of numerical utilities Read more


Extract SNPs from alignments Read more


Bayesian analyses of limited dilution assays Read more

GWA likelihood methods

Likelihood methods for genome-wide associations Read more


Multitrait genetic hierarchical models Read more

Extract Polymorphic and Divergent Sites

Extract polymorphic and divergent sites from alignments and VCF files Read more


Multivariate Gaussian mixture models Read more

Sample SNPs

Uniform online sampling of SNP records from files Read more

Status Bar for dwm

Status bar for the dynamic window manager Read more